Club Quali-Pro

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The Quali-Pro Club was established in 2014 to:


1 – Recognize the hard work of producers and custom combine operators


2 – Share the knowledge of the producers on best practices in terms of production of conventional soybean


3 – Become a brand ambassador and promote the development of tomorrow soybean



Benefits associated to Quali-Pro Club


1 – Higher grain quality premium for Quali-Pro varieties


2 – Privileged access to Prograin events

  • Recognition evening
  • Plant visit
  • Dinner
  • Meritas certificate and Quali-Pro Club sticker for the combine
  • Exclusive clothing – Brand ambassador


3 – Trips

  • With Quali-Pro Club members
  • Other trips offered in priority (exclusive to growers; example: Japan 2014)


4 – Technical training and focus group participation on best soybean production practices and product development


5 – Priority access to the new varieties developed by Prograin, including a visit of our demonstration plot


6 – Different testing on a voluntary basis:

  • New varieties and special testing on field
  • Profitability exercise with Quali-Pro varieties


7 – Visits of our customers from the Asian market on your farm



Why staying in Quali-Pro Club?


After ten ( 10 ) years cumulated in the Quali-Pro Club, a member will receive an exchangeable $5000 gift voucher for a trip organized by Prograin.



How to qualify to Quali-Pro Club?


Club members are 25 growers or custom combine operators who respect the following criteria: 


1 - 100 % of the delivered crops classified grade #1


2 - Have the larger cultivated soybean areas


A combine operator / producer must absolutely classify each year to be part of the Quali-Pro Club reference year.