Incomparable Premiums





Our QUALI-PRO and IP seed lines are on the top of the list for helping you enjoy superior returns.


  • Advantageous premiums, well above industry standards
  • Guaranteed revenue for producers
  • Flexibility allowing prices to be fixed when you want
  • Piece of mind when marketing your crop
  • Pride in producing quality soybeans for human consumption exported around the world




Outstanding benefits for QUALI-PRO producers

By producing a variety from the Quali-Pro line-up, you will enjoy numerous advantages from belonging to the select club of value-added soybean producers. Seeds from the Quali-Pro line have been developped according to specific requirements of our industrial clients. That’s why they enjoy the highest premiums on the market associated with quality criteria.


  • Free transport*
  • Paid storage
  • Unparalleled technical service
  • Occasional Asian customer visits
  • Invitation to the select Quali-Pro club


* Transport allowance up to a maximum of $20/MT.



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Organic soybeans: Prograin is a major player

In recent years we have earned an important place on the organic soybean market in Québec. Our Organic production agreement, combined with the excellent performance of our varieties, make us a major player in this niche market. Over the years, we have developed a network of reliable foreign customers who appreciate the Prograin varieties.


  • Production agreement with very flexible right of first refusal for the producer
  • Excellent profitability (genetic + advantageous prices)
  • Bio Ecocert Certification applied for
  • Same advantage as Quali-Pro producers by variety
  • Present on the market all throughout the year
  • Ultra-performing non-GMO varieties





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