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To get the most from your crop

Our rigour and our expertise have enabled us to produce a high quality soybean, known to the four corners of the globe.  It is these same attributes that enable us today to offer you, in addition, a line of versatile spring cereals that will provide you with an excellent yield.



A barley with standability



  • Excellent yield
  • Exceptional standability (best in RGCQ, 3 years average, 2008-2010)
  • Semi-late maturity
  • Large seed
  • Medium to long straw lenght
  • Excellent tolerance to leading barley diseases


Seeding rate 

  • Thousand kernel weight: 47.0 g
  • 7 inch : 155 kg/ha


Crop management points 

  • Seeding density: 330 seeds/m2
  • Good soil preparation important to obtain an even stand


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Alexandre Beaudoin
Alexandre Beaudoin Canadian Seed Sales and Marketing Manager
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Maxime Gratton
Maxime Gratton, AGR District Sales Manager, Western Québec
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Miguel Provost
Miguel Provost, AGR District Sales Manager, Eastern Québec
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Marc Saumure
Marc Saumure, CCA-ON, DAT District Sales Manager, Ontario, Maritimes
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Philippe Lemaître
Philippe Lemaître, AGR Technical director for seed production
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Marie-Ève Roy
Marie-Ève Roy Sales Assistant
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Noémi Fontaine
Noémi Fontaine Sales assistant
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