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Low Temperature Drying

Drying and Ventilation of Human Consumption Soybean and Soybean Seed     Low temperature drying      

Domingo R2X


Dugaldo R2X


Diego R2X

Variety combining performance and adaptability in various environments

Dayo R2X

New performing ultra-early maturing variety

Donaldo R2X

New variety which offer stable performances


New variety that will set the yield standards in its maturity group

Denzo R2X

Variety possessing very good agronomic qualitites


New very early variety with surprising performances

Draco R2X

New variety agronomically similar to Mundo R2 but offering better performance

Harvest delivery



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Dofino R2X

Bushy and robust plant type with superior performances to Maxo R2

Deniro R2X

Very versatile variety with outstanding performances

Volcano R2

Late-maturing variety providing high yields

Malto R2

Variety combining good yield and defensive traits


New late-season variety with exceptionnal agronomic performances


Variety combining agronomic and profitable performances in its maturity zone



Club Quali-Pro

    WHAT IS THE QUALI-PRO CLUB?     The Quali-Pro Club was established in 2014 to:   1 – Recognize the hard work of producers and custom combine operators   2 – Share the knowledge of the producers on best practices in terms of production of conventional soybean   3 – Become a brand [...]

Vertigo R2

Hardy variety that will perform where many don’t succeed


Growing demand in export markets for tofu production

Dario R2X

Variety that will be appreciated for its quick start in spring

Salto R2

Variety with high yields even under adverse conditions

Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®

After years of waiting and development, Roundup Ready 2 XTend®  Prograin soybeans are now available. This innovative technology allows producers more flexibility in terms of weed control while giving them access to a line of genetically improved cultivars developed as part of our research program. An optimal synergy for maximum yield in your fields.   [...]

Incomparable Premiums

    Our QUALI-PRO and IP seed lines are on the top of the list for helping you enjoy superior returns.   Advantageous premiums, well above industry standards Guaranteed revenue for producers Flexibility allowing prices to be fixed when you want Piece of mind when marketing your crop Pride in producing quality soybeans for human [...]

Kendo R2

Robust variety with excellent spring start

Miko R2

Dominant variety with a surprising yield


Late-season variety offering solid performance


Hardy variety offering superior performance and plant health

Seed Guide


Protein-rich variety coupled with great performance


The most complete IP variety from an agronomic standpoint

Mateo R2

A genetic background that has proven itself and an agronomic performance that will win you over


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Privacy policy

Protection of your privacy and respect for the confidentiality of your personal information are important elements of our commitment to offer you excellent service.  When you send us personal information, whether by e-mail or by filling out a form and sending it through our site, we use only the information necessary to respond to your [...]

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Confidentiality Policy

Protection of your privacy and respect for the confidentiality of your personal information are important elements of our commitment to offer you excellent service.  When you send us personal information, whether by e-mail or by filling out a form and sending it through our site, we use only the information necessary to respond to your [...]

Technical and Agronomic Advice

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR RESOURCES   Our SEED division has a team consisting of experts and experienced agronomists soil scientists to support our company’s distribution network.   Feel free to contact a member of our team at any step in production, from seeding to harvesting.   1. SEEDING TIME Field preparation, seeding depth, seeder calibration, [...]

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Barley Category

CHAMBLY SIX-ROW BARLEY A barley with standability   Characteristics  Excellent yield Exceptional standability (best in RGCQ, 3 years average, 2008-2010) Semi-late maturity Large seed Medium to long straw lenght Excellent tolerance to leading barley diseases   Seeding rate  Thousand kernel weight: 47.0 g 7 inch : 155 kg/ha   Crop management points  Seeding density: 330 [...]

Wheat Category

ACTM BRIO BREAD-TYPE WHEAT The most versatile and sought-after bread-type wheat in Eastern Canada   Characteristics  Hard red spring wheat, beardless Very good standability Average height Early heading and maturity High specific weight Very good falling number   Seeding rate  Weight per thousand kernels: 39.7 g 7 inch: 198.5 kg/ha   Crop management points  Seeding [...]

Other Cereals

Turbo-N2™ Liquid

TURBO-N2TM LIQUID A formula available in two convenient sizes!   Liquid inoculant packaged in flexible, leak-tight containers that can be used right in the seeder box or attached to the gravity box with a grain auger when seeding or seed transferring.       Application rate:  One container of 2.0 L treats 750 kg of [...]

Turbo-N2™ Peat

TURBO-N2TM PEAT The peat-based inoculant that clings to the seed instead of collecting at the bottom of the seeder.   The only inoculant in Canada with a shelf life of two years. This high-performance inoculant adheres to the seed and comes in two convenient sizes : 750 g and 2.25 kg.     Application rate:  A [...]

Turbo-N2™ Pre-Inoculated

TURBO-N2™ PRE-INOCULATED Open the bag, fill your seeder and you are ready to plant…            Prepared in our ultramodern plant Uniform inoculation assured Longer lifetime of Rhizobium bacteria once applied to the seed


Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield®

Each of the varieties chosen by our team of researchers was selected carefully for their exceptional agronomic characteristics.   Consistant results year after year High disease tolerance Well adapted to our environment The absolute latest in terms of technology

Conventional IP

Exclusive to Prograin, developed in our research centre Ranked among the best according to the Réseau grandes cultures du Québec (RGCQ) Perfectly adapted to your climatic conditions Solidly supported by our excellent buyback program   An average premium of $107$/acre*. Interested?   Choose this winning strategy that will meet your ambitions!   * The average premium [...]


Exclusive to Prograin, developed at our research centre Designed for the food processing market With the characteristics sought for the production of tofu, soy beverages, miso and natto Coupled with our buyback program* conferring competitive advantages and unequalled remuneration   An average premium of $107$/acre*. Interested?   Choose this winning strategy that will meet your ambitions!   [...]

Our Products

NOTRE GAMME DE SEMENCES, NOTRE FIERTÉ Nous nous démarquons par nos variétés de soya adaptées aux conditions climatiques des zones à courte saison de croissance (groupes 000 à 1). Avec plus d’une vingtaine de variétés élaborées dans notre centre de recherche pour toutes les zones de production, nous nous positionnons comme un joueur clé au [...]

Our Soybeans


By selecting PROGRAIN brand seeds,you know you have peace of mind,because we guarantee to buy your crop.


A QUESTION LED TO THE IDEA ——————————————————————- “Why not sell our seeds directly to growers instead of to a distributor?”  A producer well known for being innovative and close to his community, Clément Létourneau nourished the idea of building a seed screening facility in order to sell his seeds directly to the producers in his [...]



Our Facilities

A MAJOR INVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE OF SOYBEANS   “We think that technology means added value for farmers and we are doing everything we can to put it at their service.“     For nearly 30 years, research has been one of our company’s fundamental concerns. We did not hesitate to invest in establishing a [...]


Who We Are

OUR WORLD, OUR SOYBEANS   Prograin is the largest private added-value soybean company in Canada. Our exceptional expertise and our advanced technologies have made us a world standard in the development, packaging, processing and marketing of superior quality soybeans.   Our activities are centered in Saint-Césaire, in the heart of Québec, not far from the [...]

Maxo R2

Always in high demand for its exceptional fild performances

Seed Sales

Research and Development


Consistent performance for maximum profitability





Research and Development

RESEARCH IS AT THE HEART OF OUR BUSINESS   The development of new high-performance cultivars is one of our company’s fundamental goals. Relying on a team of experts in genetic improvement, we are ready and focused on developing the best genetics in early maturing soybeans.   We also pay special attention to the quality of [...]

Laboratory Research

ADVANCED RESEARCH USING LEADING-EDGE EQUIPMENT   Each year, we evaluate tens of thousands soybean varieties. For this purpose, we have a molecular genetic laboratory with the same equipment and standards as multinational companies.     GENOTYPING LABORATORY   We believe that technology is equivalent to added value for producers and we do everything we can [...]

Genetic Improvement Program

OFFER WHAT IS BEST AND ALWAYS IMPROVE IT   The development of new high-performance cultivars is one of company’s fundamental goals.   Since 1986, we have applied a soybean genetic improvement program that enables us to develop our own private soybean varieties. This program has been one of the top performers in Canada, with more [...]

Astro R2

Variety that offers consistency and performance year after year


Always appreciated by the producers who choose it


Always an excellent choixe by its constant performances


Robust variety with great no-till performance


A perfect combination of agronomic performance and nutritional qualities


High nutritional qualities make this a great variety for the export market


The top-performing Natto variety on the market

Become a Partner

PROGRAIN HAS BEEN MARKETING QUEBECSOYBEAN PRODUCERS’ HARVESTSFOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS   Choosing to grow Prograin soybeans next seasonmeans you can enjoy numerous advantages with complete peace of mind.   Courteous and experienced service from purchasing agents Flexible delivery times during the harvest period Simple price closing based on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) [...]

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A CAREER IN THE WORLD OF SOYBEAN   Talented? Share our values? Soybeans excite you?       We are regularly looking for people like you in the following areas:   Procurement Administration and accounting Production (labourer) Research Transport and export logistics support Administrative support Sales and customer service     Send your application to [...]


OUR SUCCESS BEGINSWITH THE QUALITY OF OUR RESOURCES Dynamic, proactive and acknowledged for their expertise and professionalism, all the members of our large family share what is truly a passion for soybeans. We are proud to count on a solid team that cares about the success of our company, our customers and our partners.

Service and Support

WE ARE THERE TO SUPPORT YOU,FROM SEEDING TO HARVESTING   Our SEEDS division rely on a team consisting of experienced specialists and agronomists to support our company’s distribution network.   Our expertise contributes to promoting soybean production with the farming community at every step of production, from seeding to harvesting.  

Soybean Sales

SOYBEANS, OUR REASON FOR BEING   Our varieties of soybeans, developed in our research centre, enable us to offer food soybeans of high quality with the desired properties on local and international markets.   QUALI-PRO soybeans   These soybean varieties reflect rigourous field production of seeds and meticulous quality control during supply. The point is [...]

Cleaning and Bagging

TOP QUALITY PROCESSING AND PACKAGING   Advanced technology facilities live up to our reputation     Some of the most modern in all of Canada, our installations include colour sorters and robots, operated by our dedicated team whose goal is to provide a product of impeccable quality.   Our whole team is perfectly aware that [...]

Harvest Buybacks

A GUARANTEED BUYBACK PROGRAMFOR EACH HARVEST   Our success is tied to that of the producers who decide to grow our seeds. That is why we have developed a buyback program conferring competitive advantages and unequalled remuneration.   Advantageous premiums, well above industry norms Expanding markets for better prices year after year Assured revenue for [...]

Seed Sales

OUR SEED OFFERINGS, OUR PRIDESEEDS ADAPTED TO PRODUCER NEEDS   We stand out because of our soybean varieties adapted to the climatic conditions of short growing season zones (groups 000 to 1).   With more than twenty varieties developed at our research centre for all growing zones, we have positioned ourselves as a key player [...]

Products and Services


Prizes and Distinctions

SO MANY REASONS TO BE PROUD   Here are a few examples of signs of recognition received by our team.   FINALIST IN THE QUÉBEC PRIX D’EXCELLENCE FOR FOOD EXPORT – 2009 Mr. Patrick Marc Ham – Director of International Sales    FINALIST IN THE 2000 EXPORT MERIT AWARD FROM AGRICULTURE AND AGRI-FOOD CANADA – [...]

International Reputation

WE EXPORT THOUSANDS OF TONS OF SOYBEANS ALL OVER THE GLOBE   In Europe as in Asia, our soybeans are appreciated as much for their nutritional characteristics as for the humane and passionate approach of our team.   Chance has nothing to do with the solidity, sustainability and authenticity of the relationships that have been [...]

Mission, Vision, Objectives and Values

MISSION Develop, condition, process and efficiently market soybeans of superior quality in order to satisfy the specific needs of our agricultural & commercial clientele.   VISION Be recognized as the leader because of our expertise and advanced practices in the soybean industry.    OBJECTIVE Offer what is best and always improve it.   VALUES The [...]


SOYBEANS, OUR REASON FOR BEING   “If soybeans are cultivated widely across Québec, the Létourneau family from Saint-Césaire hascertainly played an important role …“     Founded in 1980 by this family of innovative farmers, Prograin has planted the idea among producers to cultivate soybeans with its seeds, specially developed here to satisfy the demands [...]

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