Who We Are


Develop, condition, process and efficiently market soybeans of superior quality in order to satisfy the specific needs of our agricultural & commercial clientele.



Be recognized as the leader because of our expertise and advanced practices in the soybean industry. 



Offer what is best and always improve it.



The real foundations of our success, the values that we share within our company have forged our identity and guide all our decisions.


      • Commitment to excellence

        The constant desire to excel and to offer superior quality products and services is literally imprinted in our genes. Every member of our team works with passion, rigor and pays special attention to the quality of their work.


      • Integrity

        This is a fundamental value of our company. The transparency and honesty of our team are guarantors of the enviable reputation that we have created and that enables us today to become known around the world.


      • Respect

        Respect shows up in several forms at Prograin: whether respect for people (employees, suppliers, customers, partners), respect for nature, our raw material, our products, standards or respect for the commitments we make every day.


      • Vitality

        Vitality is the keystone of our success. In fact, the energy that our team constantly deploys to expand boundaries, innovate and ensure optimal quality of their work enables us to achieve our ultimate objective, which is to offer what is best and always make it better.


      • Customer loyalty

        Exceed our customer’s expectations, be attentive and proactive regarding their needs and ensure that we support and advise them properly. These are key ingredients that we cultivate in order to consolidate our business relations and ensure the full satisfaction of our clientele!