Laboratory Research




Each year, we evaluate tens of thousands soybean varieties. For this purpose, we have a molecular genetic laboratory with the same equipment and standards as multinational companies.



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We believe that technology is equivalent to added value for producers and we do everything we can to put it at their service. For this purpose, we have a molecular genetic laboratory and use genotyping that enables us to carefully follow genes of interest. This exceptional tool enables us to develop new cultivars with the desired traits both more quickly and more efficiently.







We pay special attention to the quality of the final product with our customers. We have created a unique research protocol that enables us to produce tofu on an experimental basis, adhering to our clients strictest standards.









This essential procedure contributes to the development of the best varieties not only for the producers but also to satisfy the stringent requirements of our industrial customers abroad.


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Éric Gagnon Manager, Research and Development
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