Genetic Improvement Program



The development of new high-performance cultivars is one of company’s fundamental goals.


Since 1986, we have applied a soybean genetic improvement program that enables us to develop our own private soybean varieties. This program has been one of the top performers in Canada, with more than a hundred registered varieties in Canada and throughout the world.


As part of our research and development program, we focus our efforts on highly specialized soybean seeds presenting the characteristics desired for human consumption. Our strength is mainly in the development of better performing early varieties with high protein levels.


Research concentrated in 3 areas


  • Varieties adapted to the early-maturing zones of Canada and Europe
  • Varieties adapted to producer needs
  • Varieties adapted to the needs of processors for human consumption



Relying on our team of experts,
we develop the best genetics in early maturing soybean.


  • Every year, on our research farm we evaluate tens of thousands of varieties divided among 175 hectares dedicated to research, located in the heart of Québec’s most productive farmland.
  • Prograin evaluates its genetic material on some thirty sites located throughout the world, including Eastern and Western Canada and Eastern and Western Europe.
  • For the last 15 years, we have used a selection nursery in South America (Chile and Argentina) in order to develop our cultivars as quickly as possible.
  • Using strategic partnerships that offer us access to biotechnological advances, we apply the most recent discoveries to our line of ultra-performing soybeans.



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Éric Gagnon Manager, Research and Development
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