Our Purpose in Life


In Europe as in Asia, our soybeans are just as appreciated for their nutritional characteristics as for the humane and enthusiastic approach of our team.



  • Our high quality private laboratory is unique in North America. On an experimental basis, we produce tofu, soy beverages, miso and natto
  • Our research centre has advanced equipment and is led by a team of researchers and agronomists of acknowledged expertise
  • Due to strategic partnerships giving access to biotechnological advances, we apply the very latest discoveries to our line of ultra-performing soybeans



  • All producers with whom we collaborate share a real passion for the land, professionalism and quality

  • Our soybeans are selected, sorted, strictly controlled and technologically advanced

  • Being HACCP certified (international food safety standards), we guarantee the food safety of our soybeans

  • Our facilities are among the most modern in Canada and are run by our experienced team whose main concern is to provide a product of highest quality

  • From bag to cargo, our customers can be assured of receiving the products ordered, in the right packaging and right quantities



  • The success of our company is the result of a shared passion among our team, producers and customers



  • Our delivery fees are very competitive

  • Our geographic location is globally advantageous: we can deliver our products as easily to Europe or Asia, as well as anywhere in North America



  • Because of our Quali-Pro program, our supplies are guaranteed